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Seketul Musfirah yang telah berubah.

not. hahahahhaha. okay mungkin adalah sikit tapi aku masih lagi takleh bangun subuh by myself so don't marry me yet, hot guys. lol.

assalamualaikum, semua ehehehe. seperti biasa lah, saya akan menyapa (greet?) angin yang baru sahaja melewati muka saya ketika saya menaip ini dan menjadikan mukadimah setiap post panjang berjela padahal tiada makna yang signifikan. moving on...

well, i kinda miss my blog tho. i was quite busy during my 1st semester. em, kot. heh. okay la, busy la gak to adapt myself to the environment apa semua. and even busier during the 2nd sem! i carry a great responsibility now as the assistant to the head of dakwah and media bureau of ISMA (jangan la bash sis, sis baru berjinak2 ni huhuhu). and as always, the second half of the year is when i have big big trouble in love matters. i travelled a lot, btw. to melbourne in july, sydney in september and adelaide in november. phew.

Melbourne!!! (btw who took this picture eh why the M is cropped?! <-- amp="" at="" br="" girl="" ocd="" same="" the="" time="" ungrateful="">
UniSyd! Super love the architecture!
the one when we went crabbing but went home empty-handed haha. adelaide is still amazing tho *love*

i really, really wish i had the time to share my travel experience here tapi hmph. right now, i have a legit writing project. omaigod, my writing now is no more syok sendiri! chasing a real dateline now... *munch cookies* *go online for hours* *microsoft word is still blank* lol.

i hope that i can improve myself in many aspects next year. more importantly, in my ibadah. this year (not to brag eh), i managed to start practicing solat sunat rawatib hihi. tbh, my super duper rajin housemates kinda inspired me. so i started in ramadhan sebab got no syaiton right. and alhamdulillah, kalau tak buat sekarang, rasa pelik dan rugi. i hope next year i won't forget to recite ma'tsurat! hashtag stillyoungbutalreadynyanyuk

in the meantime, i wish you a wonderful year ahead! (sebab i will forget to update till 2016 >.<)

and i got myself a new camera!