Sindrom Hari Jadi


So today’s my birthday. Okay, that’s the end of the post. Bye.

K I’m kidding. And it’s not funny. I got it. So I‘m having this Sindrom Hari Jadi that I just found, okay, invented, which makes me so isolated nearing my birthday. It’s like ada ke orang ingat and et cetera. Girls.

Why I’m having this? So it’s a very long story which I have shortened so that you’ll not be sleepy and just scroll down there to know what the ending is. Here it goes. My ex broke up with me on my birthday when I was 14. The next year, I made myself a birthday celebration which I forced all my classmates to attend. I even got myself a cake and people seemed not to enjoy it so much, you can tell. And when I was 16, no one remembered. I just moved to TGB, so my old friends forgot and no one in TGB was close enough to me that they’d remember my birthday. So sweet sixteen. Only on the 17th my best friend made me a celebration. Yet still no surprise and they just came to eat. Sape tolak barbecue hoi?

Ironi bukan, bila orang yang ingat semua orang, semua orang tu lupa dia? That is me. I’m the mastermind of all those pranks, surprises and celebrations for whoever it is’s birthday. And yet nothing in return. Dari situlah kita dapat simpulkan penemuan Sindrom Hari Jadi. A fear whether mine is going to be good just like how I treat others’.

So this year I decided to spend it alone. Just by myself. I put my birthday on private a day before. Saja nak tengok siapa kawan yang sebenar. Ingatkah kau kepada hari lahirku tanpa bantuan facebook? Dan terbukti ramai yang meletakkan portion memory itu kepada facebook. I can tell it’s 70 percent of them. Bestfriends semuanya buat Pakatan Tak Wish Birhday Girl Supaya Dia Rasa Depressed. And indeed I was.

My plan was to spend the day alone by myself. So I did. Aku pergi taman sebelah Intec, took some pictures, beautiful they were, and ate lunch at Secret Recipe. Dan online sampai boring at McD. 8 JAM. 8 jam sorang-sorang. Dan a day before, I watched KIL. You know the movie right? The one about suicide. And at that time I did feel to commit suicide. But I didn’t and guess who’s typing this? Woohoo. 

So I went home at 8:30 pm. Mandi danbuat macam biasa. Bual-bual dengan housemates. Lepas tu tengok marathon How I Met Your Mother. When suddenly, the power was off. And I was like, alamak, apasal takde karan waktu tengah sorang-sorang dalam rumah ni? I didn’t scream cuz I didn’t scream if there’s nobody with me. Wow attention seeker sangat. So I continued watching and SURPRISE! Omaha’s girls! They sang the B song and they even bought me cakes. Ya, slices of cakes. 4 slices with my name. A letter on each cake. Sho sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

It’s my first birthday surprise ever! Dan aku tak reti nak react mcm mana. Aku tak balik Batu Pahat sebab aku nak rasa first time sambut birthday tanpa family.Bila Mama call and tanya “ Sambut birthday dengan kawan ke? “ dan waktu aku kat SR sorang-sorang, tetibe rasa macam nak nangis. Memang bercanggah sungguh kenyataan aku di situ. Tapi it turned out, terbalik. So that’s my Sindrom Hari Jadi. Hari lahir ke-18 yang sangat mengenyangkan. Alhamdulillah.