It's just complicated.


My Defender, k, the Defender, he's not the kind yg spend time lama-lama duduk dpn PC/laptop stalk org bagai. He's the one yg specky, siapkan homework on time then konon merendah diri bila tanya dah siap homework belum then jawab " Aku tak siap homework lagi lah " lps tu aku pun percaya aku pun tak siapkan homework tapi last-last aku sorg je yg kantoi dgn cikgu tak siap homework dan dia tak sbb dia siap SEMUA homework. Go die la, Defender.

K, don't. He's the one yg... unpredictable. Duh, all the boys are like that. So unpredictable. Nampak ganas, tapi rempit gileww. Nampak mcm the so not-gonna-care friend, tapi lps tu pujuk kau balik bila dia rasa guilty for not making you happy. Nampak mcm buat tak endah je pasal kau dpn org ramai, tapi lps tu approach kau when you're alone tanya kau okay ke tak, kau kenapa sebenarnya tadi and stuffs like that.

No, I don't mean he's like that. I meant, the guys I've known until today. The guys I thought I've fallen into before. The guys that turned up to be just friends, only friends, won't be more than that. The guys I would do anything for them but just for the sake of hmm, friends. Frankly speaking, I fell in love with so many guys, like that. Which I would like him so much at the first place without him knowing it then I just give up I want us to be friends. Then suddenly he would hmm, show(?) that he likes me too. But I can't accept him maybe sbb I know that my friend(s) like(s) him too or I did something totally wrong that if he knows about it he won't talk to me anymore or I just want him to be not more than a friend should behave.

K, why am I writing like this? Apasal asyik tulis macam org tgh amek course Philosophy bagai ni? This is not me. I should find me. To the next post. Nope, not till. To. K, I should stop.