Me want time alone.


Oh, I need some time to update this blog. And alone. Lately, I've been crowded with so much people. The Form Fours have registered here last Wednesday. I'm a senior now. Yeay me! The test, our very first test in this year, the year of SPM, is next week. Can you believe that? It's already a quarter of this semester already. And I've revised nothing.

My life is getting better, can I say that? Despite the fact that I procrastinated ALL THE TIME, I didn't finish ALL my homework and assignments, I abandoned TWO piles of unwashed clothes and yet I'm still here writing an entry for you. See now how much I love you?

Talking about love, today is Valentine's Day. And Ain's birthday :) Not celebrating Valentine's, don't want to recall the past. Well, some of you will get what I mean. Encik Awak... Eh, Mr. Defender? He's my future past.

I got things to do. Pray for me that I'll do my best in the test. Love ya guys!