Today is 7th of June! You know what I mean? What? YOU DON'T?! Kfine, org dah lama tak post entry, takde sape ingat dah kan? Memang blog ni layak kena bakor je lah kan? So, since I don't even care you read this or not, here is my wishlist to THE DAY:


I do think that my life is pretty good these days. Sekolah best despite the fact homework time cuti menimbun punya banyak sampai sekarang tak siap lagi pfft -.-, boyfriend masih worth waiting for, bestfriends yang masih ingat walaupun dah jauh, new friends yang definitely AWESOME!, family yang sampai bila-bila akan jadi the best supporter evahh, what else I could ask? I'm extremely satisfied :)

Okay, tetibe nak mintak good grades in final semester exam T__T


  1. New friends yang Awesome ?
    Awwww :') I'm so touched . LOLOLOLOLOL