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Exammm ==

And so my final exam will starts on tomorrow. Final exam la, for this semester. Bapak gila cuak sehh, teringin nak 4 flat. Yeah, in my dream -_-'

Based on my previous UPSS 1, which I performed bad, very bad, sebab haram satu A+ pun takde, memang harapan lah nak perform better for this exam.

Can you guys pray for me? Thanks! :)
I write trash


Akhirnya aku pergi
Ya, masih sendiri
Jauh-jauh aku lari
Tinggalkan sunyi sepi

Aku kejar bahagia itu
Aku mahu rasa rindu
Tapi aku tak tahu
Mana arah perlu kutuju

Aku jumpa sekeping hati
Warnanya merah berapi
Siapa punya aku mencari
Hingga kini aku menanti

Dalam tidur kubermimpi
Dirimu telah kutemui
Wahai pemilik sekeping hati
Punya cinta penuh suci.
I write trash


Bintang lari menghilang
Bulan separuh terang
Langit luas terbentang
Seakan hilang sayang.

Malam semakin kelam
Aku semakin bungkam
Semakin tidak faham
Dan hidup makin suram.

Syang, aku rindu
Juga bulan satu
Serta bintang seribu
Dirimu kuperlu.

p/s: I wrote this for Biha last year.
Pictures and videos

I Love 416 :D

416, new class :)

Love this class so much! Eventho masih tak boleh nak tandingi 1,2,3 Efisien & 4 Tabah tapi you guys are the best! :D
Berangan itu perlu

150 Juta


Suddenly I miss this :( How I wish I'm home!
Plain random

I. Need. To. Stop. Eating.

This is why. Kau nampak tak pipi aku dah tembam tu? Dah sedar tembam, masih melantak biskut pulak tu. Dah lah biskut bukan sendiri punya -_-
Family which is sooo familiar -_-'

Iloveyou, ladies!

There's nothing much I could say, I'm speechless. Thanks, mom for raising me up, teaching me how to read (I can read at the age of 3, hikk :D), being there whenever I'm down, making up my day with your cookings, putting up a smile on my face when I'm crying, praying to Allah for every undertakings I've been through, staying up late at night to make sure I can sleep tight when I'm all sick and bedridden, lending me your ears, well, I'm talkative, hehe, reminding me how far can I actually go to reach my dreams, giving me brilliant advices which I haven't follow them all yet kih kih and absolutely, for being the best mom ever! You're...


And you, my longest, bestest, superb-est bestfriend in the whole wide world. Thanks for always being here, right close to my heart whenever I need you, somehow and somewhen. No one can ever replace you, not even my future husband which I haven't find yet let's just wait and see whether he can or not, hehe. Who else can be my clown when I'm down? Who else can beat your score in gaming and fooling me around? Who else can be the psychic chick at the right time I need your thoughts? It's just you!

Happy 48th and 16th birthday(s) (respectively, ofc), my lovely ladies! I won't be here, never, if you're not here giving me all your supports and loves. I love you guys so much I can't even explain it with words! I love you, Salnah Hashim and Nur Nabihah Ab. Hamid!

A daughter and a best friend.

p/s: I know, English saya mmg mcm haram. At least, it's an effort, right?