A Letter To My Kid(s) I


Hey daughter / son, (I prefer girl, so she'll end up like me tulis surat buat anak sebegini bhaha :P)

Mummy's here! Please read this with your heart, I want you to know what I want best for you. I hope after 9 months I carry you in my big tummy, I can see you. I wanna hold your little tiny fingers, I wanna give you lotsa kisses, I wanna feel what your granny felt back to the day I was born.

I want to take a good care of you. You'll feel the love from your mummy, in case mummy tak meroyan lah kan haha :P I wanna enrol you in music classes, ballet, taekwondo, foreign language classes or maybe cooking? So you'll be a good child for me and Papa. So you'll grow up as a bright kid. I want everyone to respect you.

In case you're cengeng like me, nope, you'll not be pampered. I don't want my baby turns to a spoilt brat. If you wanna cry, go and sit at the corner. No one will bother you. Then you'll realize you can't get everything that you want. I want you to be independent. You must learn how to survive life, if mummy and Papa have to leave you.

My baby, you'll be as strong, determined and courageous as me. You'll be a loyal and caring lover just like Papa. We'll make sure that you will be raised up, perfectly.

Will write to you again.


p/s: Absent, again. Thanks, food poisoning.