I'm Sorry.


WTH I am posting this crap? Idk, just want you to understand this;

I'm a weirdo, yes I know.

Itu cuma a single opinion, from a girl like me. I'm just 15, I'm sorry I belum banyak makan garam macam you all. Women are more beautiful with short hair as women are complicated enough. Tu dari sudut pandangan seorang weirdo bernama Nur Musfirah Izzati. Puas?

Complicated enough? Tak faham? I'm sick seeing a woman fussing about what shampoo she has to use, what hairstyle for next month and etc. Being a woman is complicated. Yes, I WAS a tomboyish girl with short hair like a boy's, that's why I said, it's from my point of view.

Hidup tak perlu rasa susah. Being yourself makes things easier. Thanks for being yourself, wahai pengkomen di atas. I don't blurred their names as I don't think I need to. Lunar Helios, my bestf's brother. Amir, err Idk much about him actually. Emy, bestf, more to ex-boyf. Alliem, founder of KSMY.

To respect them, I deleted the status and posted this;

Satisfied enough?


Still not recovered dari sakit mata. Tapi pergi sekolah jugak, rinduuu! Jangan risau, Friday will be the Winking Day ;)

p/s:Jangan ganggu saya!


  1. ehh, ada orang tunkjuk mata bolat diaa :D

  2. saya suka rambut pendek. sebab tak reti jaga rambut :DD

  3. kak myza; really? haha

    atieka; mata saya tak bulat, mata saya bujur haha =P tau takpe. rambut pendek is coolness!

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