My Current Obsession :D


Ada Facebook? Search Syeera Sanders. Ada YouTube? Lagi bagus! Search monsterbabe12. Then you will love her too! Her singing is just nice making her songs great to be listened to. She plays guitar well, or can I say great? She compose the songs and write the lyrics by herself, perfectly. And now, presenting all the wayy from Brunei, Syeera Sanders!

Masih by her :)

Aku Berundur by herself too, my favourite!

Ada lagi 2 lagu favourite I, which are Aku Bahagia and Janji. Tapi tu kat Facebook dia. Malas nak menempel code sebanyak alam penuh kat sini, apa kata you all pergi tengok sendiri. And I can guarantee you that she is superb! Ohh, forget to mention. She also does some cover, Kantoi, Dan Sebenarnya, Lagu Untukmu and more. Pun superb jugek!

p/s:Masih belum berubah hati. Masih in love with Mila and Yuna :)